Friday, May 27, 2011

Mission RV Wins!

It is official.  Mission RV is the name chosen for our RV.  For awhile I thought it was going to be George, but a few more people voted and that was that.

Today was a day of everything.  We have set up meetings, we have met with people, we did some grocery shopping, and Andrew and I tried going to the library to set up an account.  Much to our dismay, they were closed due to "budgeting cuts".  Okay then.

As a side note, for any other RVers out there, if you stay in an area for a decent amount of time, you can probably get at least a temporary library card at your closest library.  Just use the RV park address and that should be good enough (along with driver's license and any other info they may need).  Think free DVD's, books, audio CD's, and more. 

I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend!!  Not sure what we will be doing, but I think it will be a cookout with our "pool friends".  And it will also be my birthday, so a double fun day. 


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