About Us

I've been told several times I should write a story about our lives. 

Apparently we are a little unusual. 

First of all, I was born in Brazil to American missionaries.  Bill was born in the USA to Navy parents.  Because I have dual citizenship, our children are also Brazilians, a fact we didn't find out until 3 days before Robert was to turn 13, in which case we would not have been able to register him as a Brazilian.  Fascinating how God works.

We have lived in California, Pennsylvania, Florida, and now Alabama.  We have traveled to just about every state in the United States. And between Bill and I, traveled to several countries.  I speak English and Portuguese, with a decent amount of Spanish.  Bill speaks English and can get by with his Spanish.  The kids speak English and occasionally the current slang (monitored, of course).

We have been in all kinds of situations requiring either elegant dinner attire or holes in our shoes.  And we seem to feel comfortable in either.  Except when mud or pebbles get in the holes in the shoes....

We own a home on  almost 6 acres, an upgrade from our 1/4 acre Florida home, or our 1/10 acre first home (motor home in a motor home park).  We have managed to have a vegetable and flower garden in just about every home we've lived in, with a 1 acre garden being our biggest (we got a little garden-happy when we moved there). 

We have not had cable TV since 1998.  We enjoy traveling.  With 3 boys, we are heavily involved with Scouting.  And we have homeschooled off and on; 2010 being the first time we have homeschooled all 3 at the same time.

Our current adventure involves ministry work as a new mission organization which we began in 2007, called Believer's Bridge.  You can find out about that story on the ministry website.  But as a result, we have committed ourselves to bringing the truth of God's Word to others.  We are looking at moving to Belem, Brazil, by the Amazon River, December 2012 to start a new work there.

It is amazing how much one can grow and understand the more one takes time to find out what really is in God's Word.  Sometimes we do things out of habit not fully comprehending why we do them.  Sometimes we find out there is no truth to them and sometimes we find out a deeper significance to them. 

I encourage you to follow us along on our Rowley Adventures as we ourselves continue to grow and learn about God's Word and as we share our ministry with others.  Come along!