Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Counting Down

We have begun our Florida trip count down. 

We will be leaving for Fort Lauderdale this Sunday.  And Bill has created a 3 page "Before We Go" check list.  Hmmm....   We will see how much gets done.  I'm just hoping we don't leave anyone behind!  And hopefully leave a clean house.

Hair cuts are done.

Toyota is almost trip-ready.

(Our last trip we took our SUV loaded on top of the trailer.  This time we will be renting a car dolly to tow the Toyota and hope for better gas mileage.)  Which, by the way, we were able to get gas cards from Publix a week ago or so and only paid $40 for every $50 card.  Basically it comes out to 20 cents less per gallon of whatever the current price will be.  Not bad.

Mail hold and whatnot are figured out.

Fridge is starting to get emptied out (which has made for some interesting meals...).

RV spot(s) have been reserved.  We are "splurging" on a couple days at a fun spot we found off the beach in FL on the trip down.  I get to see ocean sunrises!!!

I could go on and on and I am sure some of this stuff you wouldn't have thought about having to do.  Things are a little different when you will be away from your home for longer than the usual few days to weeks.  LOTS of things to think about and do.  At times you feel like you have a split personality!

SO, to commemorate I have updated the blog (did you notice the new tabs?  Check 'em out) AND I would like to have a poll to come up with a "name" for our RV!

 Here's what I would like to do. 

I will make a poll from the first 5 name suggestions I get.  Leave a comment with your name suggestion for our RV in the comment area below and come back to vote once I get the poll up.  Poll will close Sunday afternoon and the winner announced.  (At least that is the plan.)

SO, get your brain juices flowing, be creative, and may the best name win!

Here's a few photos of our RV to help you out.

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