Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Beach Life

We made it to a favorite little out of the way RV beach spot and have enjoyed all the things it has to offer, including swarms of mosquitoes and sunburns. 

I did wake up early enough to get some sunrise photos on the beach.  I just about didn't since our neighbors were up til 1:30am having a "good 'ole time".  So once I bravely fought my way through all the mosquitoes to get to the car, I barely made it in time to see the sun just coming up. 

I would love to get a real camera.  We have a Powershot and it's pretty good.  But there are details and shades and shadows and colors I know it's not picking up.  I also know there are techniques that I need to learn.  It would be neat to get some great photos in Peru when we go in August.

I will post photos when we get some real bandwidth.  I tried to upload some but I only have one bar on my Internet connection. 

OK, switch gears with me for a minute.  I want to make an analogy of the mosquitoes and sin.  Yes, mosquitoes and sin.  Sin is such an irritating and destructive thing in our lives.  Kind of like mosquitoes.  And you can try to kill them one by one on your own but it's impossible to get them all.  And they keep coming back day after day.  And some can be deadlier than others.

Enter the mosquito spray.  Wa la!  You spray it on and the mosquitoes are repelled by it.  Much like becoming a Christian.  You become a Christian and it becomes much easier to repel sin, but the sin hasn't gone away.  We still live in a world surrounded by sin. 

Now, Christ has guaranteed our salvation so we don't need to keep asking Him to save us daily.  BUT, we do need to keep putting the bug spray on.  Or in this case, "take up our cross daily". 

I just thought it was an interesting comparison.  It's not perfect.  I thought of all kinds of flaws with it, but it made sense for that part. 

Well, we hit the road again and should arrive in Fort Lauderdale this afternoon where we will stay for a little while.  I'm curious to see what doors God will open and close this time.  It's never boring.  ;-)


It's hard to see, but there is a puffer fish by Robert's foot (puffed up).

Puffed up Pufferfish,      .......and when he's not puffed up ----->

Hermit crab, without the shell.

You can barely see it, but there's a tiny crab on Andrew's thumb.

Sunset at the inlet.

We saw plenty of pelicans.

Messing around with the camera and seeing what kind of photos I could get.  Liked the rocks.

Sunrise on the beach.

The road "home".

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