Thursday, November 22, 2012


My thoughts have been so disjointed lately, that I figured that was the best title for this post!

We have officially become homeless.  It sounds worse than what it really is.  We have moved out of our RV and will be selling it.  Meanwhile, through a series of events, we ended up house-sitting for a Florida family who live off a canal and have a pool.  We see yachts every time we look out the back windows.  Sheesh. 

Robert and Andrew helping clean one of the yachts.

The boys have been eating up every minute here.  Josh has caught and cooked a crab every night.  Robert drives his RC boat in the canal every chance he gets.  Andrew can't believe how many kids channels there are on TV.  Bill and I are enjoying the amount of space.  I am specifically enjoying cooking and baking.

From here we move into a friend's home on the 25th of November and fly to Brazil on December 13.  We have been sorting through all our RV things to decide what absolutely needs to come to Brazil with us and what needs to go on pallets to get put in a container that probably won't arrive until another 3 months from now.  Ouch.

Since houses in Brazil don't have basic appliances like refrigerators, ovens/stoves, and even cabinets, we hope to take either a microwave or counter top large toaster oven and maybe even a burner or two.

Typical kitchen in Brazil (especially a rental house)

We will do one last International Dinner fundraiser December 1 in Fort Lauderdale.  The Brazilian bible study group we have been attending will be helping with the meal.  Yum!!

There is so much going on that the reality of moving to Brazil to live there hasn't really hit us.  In the back of my mind I know what it will be like, but I worry for the rest of the family who has never done anything like this before, nor speak the language.  A few positive things are: we do know some people there already and the Brazilians are VERY caring and giving.

Christmas will be different this year.  Not only because it will be celebrated in another country, but because I realized these last few days that whatever presents we try to buy need to fit in our luggage, along with the microwave or toaster oven, all our clothes, kitchen items, bedding....  You get the picture.  Gift cards are not an option as there is no such thing as a Walmart or Target there. So, I haven't figured out what to do.  Maybe we can celebrate Christmas 3 months from now when our container arrives...

I am still homeschooling the kids.  Robert is doing an online program, but it is not the same.  The good news is it is accredited so if we stick with it he can go to any college when he graduates.  Josh is doing SOS (Switched-On-Schoolhouse) which is a computer program.  Andrew and I are doing the usual workbook system.

I am amazed I have not gone insane.  What doesn't kill you, strengthens you?

On that note, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!  We will have a PO Box here in the States.  Our faithful volunteer has been checking it for us weekly and lists all the mail we receive.  Not sure if we will have her send accumulated mail to us or just ask her to scan letters so we can at least view them online.  If you just want to communicate with us, email will be best.

Bill and Becky Rowley
PO Box 374
Pelham AL 35124