Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where the Rubber meets the Road

Now that our RV wheels are stationary, the real living begins.  We will be living at an RV park for the next two months in a space about 27 feet x 10 feet.  In reality, it's not too bad.  We have running water (even hot water!), food, bikes to get around (and hopefully save a little gas), and our SUV if we need to go farther.

It has been almost 17 years since we left San Diego, but we have been able to reconnect with friends again.  And we visited Shadow Mountain Community Church for church today.  The main line that stuck with us was, "When you are in the valley, forge ahead."

So here we are, forging ahead.  Please pray for perseverence and stamina to share about our ministry, homeschool, and any other daily living that is a little more challenging now that our home is an RV.  Also, please pray that our home in Alabama will either sell or that we will get enough support.

However, looking down the road, as our ministry grows, we will probably have to relocate to an area close to an international airport hub that would allow us and our missionaries a better price on airflights.  There are so many things to consider and decisions to be made.  In the end, we know that all things will work out as they should.

Here are a few more pictures of our trip from AZ to CA.  We enjoyed visiting the London Bridge at Lake Havasu City and seeing the CA sand dunes on our way into San Diego.

Kids having fun in a London phone booth

The famous London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, AZ
(This bridge was numbered, taken apart,and rebuilt).

Bill's idea of humor.  Just read what the sign says, and you will eventually understand...

CA sand dunes and aquaduct.

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