Thursday, December 16, 2010


Another week has gone by and we have realized that we have been living on the road (mostly in our RV) for almost a month now.  Let's just say, there have been a LOT of adjustments.  The most noticeable, since we have been stationary for 2 weeks, is the space adjustment. 

The approximate square footage of our current living space is 220 sq feet.  Now let's add a queen bed, one couch, bathroom (about 12 sq ft worth, which includes a cabinet, toilet and shower), eating area, kitchenette, and above head sleeping area. 

The only "clear"space is the walk from front of the RV to the back bedroom, and from kitchenette to side door.  The best way to describe the "clear" space is like the walk area in an airplane.  I'll let you imagine how fun it is trying to get by another person....

OK, so moving on, the second noticeable change is not having enough space for everything.  When we were getting ready for the trip, we didn't have enough time to put everything in its place.  We adjusted what we could and figured we'd finish the rest when we got to CA.  (This is a good time to laugh out loud...)  Needless to say, we have become creative with small space management.  I think I am almost qualified to write a "home" improvement book on living in small spaces.

The third change is in adjusting what we used to be comfortable with.  We find ourselves learning to be content with what we have.  For example, our Christmas decor consists of one string of colored lights on our awning and a wreath, who my sister-in-law gave me, to put on our door.  The rest of it is exactly where I unintentionally left it, waiting in our attic until we get home.  In hind-sight, it's probably a blessing it didn't make it.  There's just no room left at the Inn!

That last change has really made me think.  And the fact that we have all boys probably is another blessing.  The lack of  "things" really doesn't bother them.  And not only that, but I feel in some way that we are helping them learn to "give thanks in all things". 

This has been such a different Christmas.  We really don't have any presents to send out this year nor activities to get ready for, so there hasn't been any of the usual holiday stress.  Instead, I have been content to experience the simple joys of listening to Christmas music and seeing the lights.  We have been blessed with friends who have given us moral support and others who have opened their home(s) to allow us to do laundry and use a full-size stove/oven for baking while we are here. 

Once again, despite the adjustments (AKA challenges), we have kept our eyes on the goal.  There are people in Peru who desperately need sound Biblical training so they in turn can teach their own flock.  In order to do that, Bill and I have to become fully funded, which is one of the main reasons we are here in CA (and also to continue building a solid foundation for Believer's Bridge, and be in a mission's conference in January).

Please remember to pray for us during this transitional phase of our lives.  Pray that God will lead us to those He has prepared in advance for us to meet and that we will be open to His leading.  Sometimes in this journey we call our Christian walk, things may not go as we plan, but when we obey "all things [will] work together for good".

Lonnnnngggggg   post.  But hopefully good.  ;-)   Here's a picture of Andrew I snapped last night because it was amusing how we are learning to adjust in our small space.  (The buckets are the kids' clothes, and the screen Andrew is using is our current DVD player screen).  In all things give thanks, right?

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