Friday, December 10, 2010

THE reason

I got to thinking about the reason for our trip out to the west coast. 

The first answer that popped into my mind was, "Well, for support-raising, of course."  Which caused me to pause and think about that a little bit.  To which I then told myself, "Well, it's really because we are interested in missions and we started a mission organization which God put on our hearts to do." 

But as I pondered the whole thing even farther, I kept taking a step back farther and farther and farther, until there was a huge picture.  A lot like those camera shots that start in a backyard and it grows until you see the whole world.  And all of a sudden, it dawns on you that there's more to life than just you. 

That's when THE real reason made more sense in my mind.  Many Christians use Acts 1:8, as what they call "The Great Commission", to point to the Bible as the reason for Christians to go into the world to tell others about Jesus.  You could say it is the epitamy of what a missionary does.

But any believer (another word for those who believe that Jesus paid the penalty for sin in place of us so we can be with God in heaven) has that set in their hearts.  The key to living that belief is in our actions.

Whatever position God has put you in is where you are meant to be.  And sometimes it's phases or seasons.  I would not want to use my elbows to eat with.  It's not what they are made for.  But they assist the hands in getting the food to my mouth.  The purpose is the same, regardless of the position.

So getting back to why we, the Rowley's, ventured on this trip, it's the position God has put us, but THE reason (or purpose) is shared across the board with all believers.  And it helped clear my mind as to why we are here for such a time as this.  Whatever the season of our lives, living the walk comes from obeying and acting on where God has you.

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