Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Los Angeles

"But I thought you said you were going to Peru?"

Yes!  And we are.  And we went to Los Angeles today.  In Peru.  And I can guarantee you will never have the kind of commute to Los Angeles, CA that we did to Los Angeles, Peru.

In order to get there we drove on dirt roads that must have had rocks put under them (just to add to the atmosphere) and corners that took your breath away.  Or maybe that was holding your breath....  and adding a quick prayer of safety. 

Well, whatever the case, we will be traveling back and forth the next few days to Los Angeles (I just love putting that name in there) to work with the Quechua people that are 2 hours from Andahuaylas, where we have a nice hotel to come back to.  It would probably be considered a 1-2 star hotel in the USA but here it is really nice.  And we really appreciate it. 

God reminded me several times today that He works in all people and in all kinds of ways.  I felt so content to listen to my Peruvian brothers and sisters talk about the work God is doing here.  And my heart wraps around theirs as I see them work with us to bring more Biblical understanding to these people who we can only get to by the 2 hour bumpby, dusty, bus ride. 

There are 3 Peruvian families that have really given of themselves to work with Believer's Bridge and Mike and Tammy Riggs, the American missionaries here.  Cayo and Maritza Cardenas, who are national missionaries with Believer's Bridge (Puente in Spanish), have a commitment that is just incredible.  Please, please, please pray for this family.  They are diamonds in a city of lost people here. 

Then there is Martin and his family.  Martin owns a restaurant and has provided the bus for us to use.  We just have to pay the driver and for the gas.  We also come back and have pizza at his restaurant the last two nights.  He gathered us around a table when we asked how much the bill was, and told us that this was his gift to us because he is happy to have us spreading the gospel to his people.  It's his way to be part of the group and do what he can for God.  Again, please pray God will bless his business and his family and that he also will be a light for those around him.

The third family is Walter and Ruth.  Walter, like Cayo, knows both Spanish and Quechua (well, Inca Wasi really - but Quechua is used for the name of the people and language).  He is looking on coming on board as another Believer's Bridge national missionary.  We hope to welcome him on board by next year.  They too have a heart for their own people and a desire to teach them the bible.

It is one thing to read about something, or even see pictures (which help even more than just words) but entirely something else to experience it.  If you have ever been through something traumatic, it's kind of like that.  You can tell people as much as you can about it, but unless they've experienced something similar, you just don't understand. 

If nothing else, I pray God works in your life to glorify Him in whatever situation or place He has you.  Not all are called to do the same thing.  It's a beautiful picture of teamwork when the body of Christ upholds each other in the work God has called each to do.  So, I thank you for praying for us and for those that work with us (everything from financial support to volunteering to teaching.)  You are glorifying God in what you do.

I tried to upload some photos but kept getting a securtiy error notice.  Arg.  Well, maybe manayana.  Meanwhile, thanks for your prayers!

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