Saturday, August 27, 2011


If there's one thing I'm pretty good at, it's finding freebies.  Some freebies are funner than others (like little samples that come in the mail, most with high value coupons.)  Then there's the new kind of freebie I just got involved with. 

Did you know you can get a free Kindle Reader for your PC?  AND, you can get free e-books for it?  The United States is FULL of freebies.  No wonder we can more or less survive on 20% support level right now!  Now, if I could find free electricity, water, and some of our other utilities...  (Although, we are trying to find odd and end jobs to supplement our current support ~ if you have any for us, let us know!)

But I digress.

Yes, free Kindle Reader.  You too can download this wonderful tool at:
(And no, it does not come with Jiu Jitzu Knives... but you might find a book about it you can download!)

So, I was having some "Becky time" tonight and decided to see what free e-books were available.  Came across a really neat RV cookbook one.  Don't know how long it will be free to download (it changes constantly) but the link is:
It has a FUN recipe of making omlets in a bag!

Another interesting one I found (home schoolers will be more interested in this than most of you probably...) is "American Leaders and Heroes" about United States history (people like DeSoto, Lincoln, etc...)

Another one I found was the Stonyfield, "Dinners Made Easy".

Check it out.  There's some really neat free e-books.  You have to do a little bit of searching, but hey, it's FREE!! 

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