Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Heading Back

I am looking forward to learning where the best stops along the way are.  And maybe even some free activities we can do.  We used to have a McWane Center Science Museum membership (which also means you can visit other science museums for free in other states) but have put that on hold until we feel we can "splurge" again.

In other news, we are continuously amazed at how God weaves the interactions of our lives when we commit to obeying. 

We were invited by a friend to come speak to a Sunday School group at Kingwood Baptist Church, TX this past weekend.  So, have RV will travel.  We were able to "boondock" in their parking lot and once again enjoyed our short showers.  This time Bill added a bit more bleach than usual to the water tank (helps keep it sanitary) and let's just say we are sparkling clean!

Bill shared about Believer's Bridge and what we are doing to the adult SS class.  Many were interested and one couple has decided to partner financially with us.  I think God blesses those that in faith commit to something that they have just heard about (Heb. 11:7).  We have many financial partners who knew us but this is the first who have committed w/o having gotten to know us (months or years before).  So if you are reading this, Thank You!!

We also had a few who gave a one time gift.  Thank you to those as well!  We are also excited about the connection that was made.  Our hope is to return sometime in the near future and strengthen the bond.  In fact, we are hoping to host an International Dinner in the area.  We'll keep you posted when we do.

Meanwhile, we are on our way back to our "regular" home.  In fact, time for lunch!  So, until next time, keep the faith!

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