Sunday, November 21, 2010

Praise and Pizza ;-)

So, the saga continued this morning.  Firestone would not work on our RV since it wouldn't fit in their garage, even though one of the technicians said he could fix it.  His boss told him no and that was that.  We then took off to go to church (in the SUV) and get some fellowship time. 

After service we inquired at the information desk if they had any mechanics at the church or someone who could help out.  No such luck, but Bill was able to get info on their missions department so that was a plus. 

After lunch, the decision was made to go ahead and try to fix the RV ourselves.  So Bill and Robert took off to get parts and tools for the job.  About 4 hours later, plus a little help from an Auto Zone guy to put the belt back on, they were able to fix it!!!  They put on a compressor and steering stabilizer and the old belt back on.  Apparently something that would have cost anywhere from $500-$1000. 

From our vantage point of the back of the Auto Zone parking lot, Bill spotted a Papa Johns and said, "Let's splurge and have pizza for dinner."  (We've been trying to save money for the trip by making all our meals.)  Oh yeah, pizza after a hard days work is awesome. 

So, turns out this was a day for praise and pizza.  Thanks to ALL who have been praying.  However, we still have miles to go and hope to drop our RV off at a friend in AZ and still make it up to UT for Thanksgiving.  We would appreciate your constant prayers as we travel.  I REALLY don't want anything else to break down!

Here's our 50 ft + caravan of RV and towed SUV.  I took this after they fixed the RV and were tying down the SUV to the trailer so it was already night time. 

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