Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last minute details

Hey there,

Thought I would give a quick update.  We are almost ready to head out west.  Most of you may know we have been scrambling like crazy to get our house ready and staged to sell.  Let's just say we are exhausted!  BUT, we are in the last "lap" of our final push to get things done. 

We could really use your prayers for physical strength and endurance to complete what needs to be done and not worry about the rest.  We'd like to leave tomorrow (Wed) hopefully before midnight.  :-)  But there is still a lot of details to finish like making a ramp for our SUV so it will be able to drive onto the trailer we will be hauling behind our RV as we travel. 

So, as you go about your day, please sneak in a few prayers on our behalf.  It's amazing how prayer can reach God's ears and bounce back to our hearts. 

Thanks!  Til the next moment of sanity (wink), - Becky

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