Saturday, September 24, 2011

This, that, and the other

This is what happens when life becomes busy.  There's no way to create a common theme.  The best explanation for everything that has happened since being in Florida (officially a week now), is this, that, and the other.  So without further ado (which, by the way, is from an old Norse phrase, "at do", or "to do"), let the story begin.

Narrator:  (preferably read in an English accent)
"It was a sunny day when the Rowley's arrived at the RV park in South Florida.  They were cheerfully greeted by the 2nd in command, who(m? - all you grammar buffs can use the correct form...) they had come to know on their previous visit.  With all the pomp and circumstance they could muster (which was absolutely none), they detached their newly acquired car, parked the RV, and set up home.  This took all of 28 minutes...."

"Having arrived on a Saturday, they took full advantage of the situation and attended the Calvary Chapel evening service, conveniently located only a few minutes away.  Sitting in the cafeteria for service, they were able to meet with a friend who had recently journeyed with them to the remote area of Los Angeles, in Peru of course." 

"It was their good fortune (although I don't think fortune had anything to do with it - more like providence really) that this friend introduced them to another friend who was involved with Koinonia House, a ministry of Chuck Misler.  His responsibility (from what this narrator could gather) was to help with translating materials (or at least oversight of it) into Spanish. Coincidence?  I don't think so!  Phone numbers were exchanged and hopes of something more coming of it were in the minds of both."

"The following days became a mix of homeschooling for the mother and children, hunting for suitable 'office' space for the husband (anywhere quiet and a sturdy table, with preferably electric outlets), who worked on setting up meetings and responding to emails."

"Thus began their 47th? (they've lost count at this point) adventure since they embarked on this incredible, and at times baffling, bewildering, uncertain, and yet inspiring, courageous, and promising experience.  It is certain the journey is not over and there's still more work to be done."

End narration.

Yep, it's never boring around here.  Of course, Robert would disagree.  He's in the "I'm bored" stage.  But I remember going through that too.  However, one thing I have resolved to do is find things to keep the kids occupied so 1) they don't get into things they shouldn't or aren't good for them (oh you know, drugs, bad influences, rampant internet-related things...) and 2) so I don't have to hear, "I'm bored.  There's nothing to do."  I've decided to make a MakeDo box.

Yes, a MakeDo box.  I actually got the idea from a website.  It will be a box with reusable parts that boys (I guess some girls too) would like.  Things like hinges, small solar panels, nuts and bolts, electrical wires, gears, etc. that the boys (mostly Robert b/c he's into that) can create things with and take apart.  I might have to make each boy one for their likes.  We'll see. 

Something else I got back into is menu-making.  I learned how to create a menu paper set-up thing-a-muhjig from, believe it or not, a Calvary Chapel seminar a long time ago when we used to live here.  I've never forgotten it and use it frequently.  I'd like to show you what I do:

a.                                                                 b.
First, get a plain 8 1/2 x 11" paper.  Fold it in half and fold in half again (a).  Open and fold those sections in half, so it looks like (b).

Next, you will fold the paper four times the other way.  Once that's done you will have a perfect set-up for a weekly menu.  Just write, "Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner" on the short side inside the last 3 "boxes" and the days of the week on the top 7 boxes.  Make sure to black out the top corner.  Should look like this:

Now you have to come up with a menu!  You can also use the back side to create a 2nd week of menus!

PS- I will try to post how to make the quilt squares for the quilt I started soon.  (Of course, I can't continue it until we get home again, but I did take photos before we left.)

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers."  Galatians 6:9-10 

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