Saturday, September 10, 2011

Staying Busy

If you read the previous post, you know we are in a holding pattern on going to Florida.  And it may turn out that we won't go to Florida if we wait too much longer due to other events that will be happening in the months to come. 

Staying in an RV is tricky that way.  In order to get the best deal at an RV park, you need to stay 1 month at a time (the rate than becomes anywhere from $13-19/day verses $22-30/day.)  So it doesn't make sense to pay more per day if you aren't going to stay for a whole month.  And since we have to be back here for JOTI (Jamboree On The Internet - a scout thing) in October, our time is running out.

BUT, speaking of time, we have plenty of it lately!  So I've been keeping myself busy.

I pulled out my unfinished quilt and started making it's matching quilt.  It's only been 2 years since I put together the first one!!  So I am determined to finish the matching quilt before we leave (if we leave.)  I'm trying to make 2-3 (or more blocks per day). 

Here's a photo of the almost finished quilt:
(Joshua is holding it up for me.)  It needs some borders, but then I can add batting and backing and quilt it.  

Here's a photo of one of the blocks of what will be the matching quilt:

So all you have to do is envision that block where the tan/red block is and that's what it's matching quilt will look like.  Voila!  Seems easy enough.  I just have to commit myself to making it. 

So, now you know what I'm doing this weekend.  Oh, and Bill is unpacking boxes from the garage and continuing to clean it up.  Robert is bush-hogging (mowing but with a tractor) our field (which hadn't been done in months...), and Josh has been making 3-D guns out of cardboard.  Quite creative, actually.  He left them at his friend's or I would have taken a photo of them.  And Andrew is jumping around between family members just trying to get in on whatever action looks the funnest at the time.

Maybe we've inspired you to something creative too!  Happy weekending!

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