Monday, July 4, 2011

Home again, Home again...

Happy 4th of July!

We are very happy to be back in our "stable" home again (the other one rocks... and you can take that to  mean all kinds of ways.)

We returned this past Thursday and have been busy already.  We did return to a nice, clean home, minus the 8-legged creatures God created which took up residency while we were gone.  At least they didn't allow any other bugs to take up residency.  But just getting to sleep in our own little beddy-byes was luxurious.

And I had a blast baking up a storm:

Homemade hot dog and hamburger buns, 2 loaves 7-grain bread, cut-up fruit, corn beef in the crock pot, and cherry scones for breakfast.  Yum!!

In comparison, this is the kitchen we have had for about 6 months out of the last 8:
(Notice the "counter space".  It typically ends up being the top of the stove.  Also, the oven doesn't cook evenly since the flames are right on the part where you set your stuff to bake.  We use an inverted pan to create some space between the flames and the baking item.)

I don't tell you this so you feel sorry for us.  I tell you this so you understand my joy when we do come home!  It's probably how a dog feels after he's done with his shower.  Oh the joy of being free!!

By the way, I would LOVE to have someone donate a 40ft RV with slides so we could have a little more room for a family of 5 (3 being growing boys).  The amount of time we seem to be traveling surely justifies my need.  (You can sympathize with me at this point.) 

Bill, on the other hand, has already informed me that, well, in Biblical terms, "His grace is sufficient for me" (or in this case, "us").  But it doesn't hurt to ask, right?!

We have a bit of good news!  We had been trying and trying to get a loan modification on our home so we could keep it, and our loan company FINALLY decided to work with us to modify the monthly payments.  This is a REALLY big praise!!!

Needless to say, we have taken the house off the market and should be able to make the new payments.  The only other concern is that we are still only at 20% of our support level so we are looking into ways of making ends meet by having some kind of side job that is flexible enough to allow us to travel and not complicated enough to take us away for our real job, which is continuing to work as Believer's Bridge home base.

In yet other news, we will be hosting a Bible church team from AZ who will be working with others to help the tornado victims around our area.  I believe there will be about 8 men.  That will be the week of July 17, so please keep all of us in your prayers that all needs will be taken care of.  Our church will be helping provide meals and we will house and feed them (think sleeping bags, air mattresses, and our ministry chafing dishes for meals).

We will be home for this month and than off to Peru in August.  After that we will return back to Florida for 2 months to strengthen the bonds we began forming while just there.  After that we hope to head toward the West coast again to strengthen the bonds we made when out there.

Well, once again, hope all are having a wonderful 4th of July! 

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