Saturday, July 7, 2012

Life Changes

Life has so many stages that can happen naturally.  First we are children, and things are taken care of for us.  Next, we branch out on our own, most of us attending college.  Getting married brings on a whole new aspect of life.  Add a few kids for another phase.  Then those kids become teens and adults, and so on.  The phases are just a natural part of life, anywhere in the world.

But what about the phases that are cognative choices, and not "natural"?

Those take a little more incentive and commitment.  Those are life changes.  We (Bill and I) have been known to live outside the box to begin with.  So, the moment we decided to begin a mission organization wasn't too far out of line for our personalities.  What we couldn't have forseen was how much determination and obedience it would take.

I want to give an extremely strong emotional response right now to the changes we have gone through since starting Believer's Bridge.  But I can't think of a way to communicate that effectively.  The movie, "The Ultimate Gift" comes to mind.  So, go watch that, then come back and read the rest... or you can just keep reading and make a note to get the movie at another time.  It will be worth your while.

Although we did not start off with millions of dollars, Bill was a top EO for several companies before God derailed us off that path (Bentley (CAD makers), Kinkos, Watsco, and others).  But I am convinced that all that had a part in our abilities to run a mission organization.

So, fast forward literally from birth to now.  Turns out my being born in Brazil wasn't just a chance happening either.  It seems Brazil is cracking down on Visas and many missionaries are pulling out.  My dual citizenship allows me to live in Brazil w/o any problems.  Even the boys have dual citizenship. 

Which is one reason why the timing seems to be now for us to go work in Belem, Brazil.  We looked at it about 2 years ago, but things in Peru weren't completely set up yet.  Now that we have the Rigg's (American missionaries) and 2 national workers in Andahuaylas, things seem to be settled there and our attention is on Brazil. 

We have chosen to enter a phase of life probably many never experience, because it takes an absurd amount of courage and obedience.  (Yes, I am bragging... now hoping lightening doesn't hit.)  As we look at working in Belem, we decided to sell or give more than 3/4 of what we owned.  I'm sitting in our RV outside our empty home typing this.

Out of the 1/4 that's left, some very special things are being stored across the country with several people.  The rest we will be packing in footlockers to take when we have full financial support.  Meanwhile, we will be living in our 200 sq ft space RV. 

OK, so here's the thing:  I was hyper-ventilating when we made the decision to sell/give our things instead of taking them to Brazil (think $10-20 K each way just for a container to get the stuff there).  I finally stopped myself and asked God to give us peace if this was what He wanted us doing.  And He did!!!  (and !!)  It was amazing! 

I didn't ask God to provide $$$$ to get our stuff there.  I didn't ask for a new RV (even though I would love for that to happen).  I didn't even ask for full support right now so we wouldn't have to live in the RV.  Although, I do think it will all come together.  I asked God from a willing heart to provide peace if this crazy, insane plan was what He wanted.  I think I'm starting to understand how Abraham felt. 

So, I suggested a movie.  I'd like to suggest a song as well:  "Crazy" by Mercy Me.  Just Google it.

There's nothing wrong with natural life phases, but the richness of character-enhancing living comes from a heart that accepts life changes.  "The Ultimate Gift"... you need to watch it.

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