Saturday, June 18, 2011

Still Alive

Things have gone well during our time here in Florida.  Sure we've encountered some challenges along the way (Bill's allergic reaction, our car dying, etc.), but overall we have enjoyed meeting some new friends and seeing old ones.  We will need to come back to spend more time with people who have expressed a real interest in what we are doing.

Robert, Andrew, and I spent this past week at a cub scout day camp from 8am until 5pm.  Needless to say it was HOT and humid.  BUT, we had a lot of fun with the other 8 kids in our group.  The boys enjoyed archery, BB's, games/sports, Leather/Crafts, and various campwide activities.  My favorite day was Wed, when the firetruck showed up and sprayed water on everyone.  (Very refreshing!)

Meanwhile, Bill and Joshua were able to meet with various other people.  And Bill helped cook the dinner meals since the rest of us were exhausted by the time we got back to the RV.

We are now back to a "regular" routine and hope to finish this coming week out well.  We have been borrowing a car from our good friends and probably will just wait until we get back to Alabama to see what to do about another fuel-effecient car. 

Just wanted to give everyone an update.  I'm sure I am missing more information, but my brain has not fully recovered from this past week of being out in 90+ degree weather and working with 8-9 yr old boys.  Hopefully I'll get back into the swing of things soon!

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